RAF Tiptree Jam – Trio Box Set


The RAF Association have produced two different jam sets in partnership with (Wilkinson & Sons) Tiptree Jam. The project was first discussed due to the history of Tiptree Jam being part of RAF history:

One Sunday morning in 1918 Second Lieutenant C. L. Milburn flew over the Tiptree jam factory in a BE2E training aircraft known as “Red-Nose.” Dropping a handwritten note attached to a streamer, he asked for more of the morale-boosting conserve to be sent to him at the nearby Stow Maries Aerodrome. This was the first of many such requests. Sadly, he and many other pilots from the fledgling Royal Air Force did not survive the war.

100 years on, the Royal Air Force Association and Tiptree have partnered to launch two limited edition products to celebrate this fantastic partnership. The first in the series is a trio of Strawberry Preserve, Blackcurrant Preserve and Orange Marmalade in a beautiful presentation box dedicated to those pilots who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.