Silk & Sons


All proceeds from the sale of this Book go to the Royal Air Force Club Staff Fund.

From Club Member Meredith McFadden : this is the history of an unusual Aubrey family, and the first of a trilogy. 

Herbert Aubrey IV of Clehonger, married Lord Harcourt’s daughter Arabella. She was getting past a marriageable age. Her father was considered to be Queen Anne’s favourite Lord Chancellor, so it was quite a catch. Lord Harcourt was a clever lawyer, and a powerful and influential politician.  He is said to have entertained Queen Anne at his Cokethorpe estate.  (Now a leading school in Oxfordshire.)  George I sacked him, but he survived and grew even richer.  As for Herbert and Arabella, all he demanded from them, was their complete obedience to him – and a brood of grandsons.  And did they?  Produce grandsons?  Eventually, yes.  In the end, much hinged on whether a son would survive to inherit the Aubreys’ estates.  Silk & Sons reveals what happened.

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